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Pharmacy Audit Checklist

A pharmacy audit checklist can serve as a guideline to help you prepare for a DEA audit and avoid costly mistakes. CompleteRx provides all clients with a defined process and checklist, which is reviewed and updated by the CompleteRx operations team. In addition, our compliance department conducts independent onsite audits to ensure adherence. What is

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Improving Your Hospital Pharmacy Inventory Management

Why is Hospital Pharmacy Inventory Management Important? Maintaining an efficient hospital pharmacy inventory management system allows the hospital, first and foremost, to deliver optimal patient care and safety. This is the driving force in creating and implementing any system. In addition, an effective inventory management system helps manage costs and addresses the financial needs of

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Your Guide to Understanding the 340B Drug Pricing Program

The 340B drug pricing program is a rebate and savings program that allows qualifying “Covered Entity(s)” to purchase outpatient drugs from manufacturers at reduced and discounted prices. Covered entities are typically hospitals, specialty clinics and their associated outpatient facilities who service uninsured and low-income patients. Why is 340B important? Created by Congress in 1992 and

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7 Benefits to Outsourcing Your Hospital Pharmacy Services

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 47 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs in 2021. This mass movement, now known as The Great Resignation, is a result of several factors ranging from pandemic-related relocations, burnout and a societal shift in workplace preferences. Not surprisingly, healthcare has been one of the hardest

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Dangers of Self-Treatment for COVID-19: Ivermectin Update

After news of a rise in use of ivermection across the country and the conflicting information around its use, CompleteRx wanted to provide some information on drugs that are currently under FDA investigation for the treatment of COVID-19. On September 1, 2021, ASHP reported outpatient prescribing for and dispensing of ivermectin has risen exponentially since before

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completerx.com gets a website refresh!

Website refresh alert: Welcome to the newly refreshed CompleteRx website!   Site updates includes navigation enhancements, improvements to the structure of our content, and a whole host of smaller but impactful changes. All of these improvements were designed to optimize your user experience at completerx.com. When we started this project we had big ideas, from

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COVID-19 Vaccine

Myths vs. Facts: Making Sense of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Note: In recognition of National Immunization Awareness Month, CompleteRx dispels some of the myths surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines.   Among the reasons that COVID-19 vaccination rates have peaked earlier than experts hoped are the myths that spread among the unvaccinated and influenced their decision not to get the shots. The vaccines are too new; the

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The Promise of Biosimilars: Trends in 2021 and Beyond

  Biosimilars offer savings opportunities to help mitigate the growing and costly biologic specialty drug market through competition. While 2020 saw a decrease in biosimilars activity with fewer approvals and product launches, the U.S. saw an increase in biosimilars uptake during that timeframe, suggesting that the market is poised for continued growth. Hospitals and health

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