Pharmacy Consulting Services

CompleteRx provides practical ways to manage your pharmacy in the complex hospital environment. We take on the most challenging business and clinical aspects of pharmacy and successfully solve these problems with your team. 

CompleteRx’s pharmacy consulting services help hospital customers identify savings opportunities, assure regulatory and accreditation readiness, and manage their 340B program. In addition, CompleteRx can provide project resources to assist with pharmacy informatics projects including:

  • Smart pump library builds
  • Barcode library builds
  • Automated dispensing cabinet installations and upgrades

Pharmacy Cost Opportunity Analysis

Pharmacy operations represents 20% – 25% of the entire hospital supply chain expense and is typically the third largest department spend opportunity behind labor and SG&A expense. Medication costs continue to rise and drug shortages have become a growing worldwide issue. Pharmacists’ salaries represent one of the highest paid hourly positions on a hospital’s payroll. In addition, hospitals have made significant investments in automated dispensing technologies. Despite the millions of dollars invested in pharmacy operations, very few hospital leaders know their true pharmacy operating costs or have the reporting and metrics to properly benchmark and identify opportunities to reduce costs. 

CompleteRx addresses these challenges with a Pharmacy Performance Assessment. Unlike other consulting firms, CompleteRx utilizes subject matter experts that actively manage and operate hospital pharmacies. The Pharmacy Performance Assessment is a deep dive assessment of pharmacy services. Upon completion of the review, customers receive a comprehensive report which includes:

  • Current actual pharmacy operating costs
  • Drug savings opportunity estimates
  • Labor savings opportunity estimates
  • Potential patient safety, compliance, and regulatory risks
  • Pharmacy revenue cycle opportunities

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On average, the CompleteRx Pharmacy Performance Assessment identifies savings opportunities ranging from 5% – 10% of total pharmacy operating costs. 


340B Program Services

The 340B Drug Pricing Program generates significant savings for hospitals. Enrolling in the 340B program and maintaining compliance with HRSA requirements can be challenging and complex. CompleteRx understands your needs and can help. 

340B Program Eligibility

CompleteRx can help you assess your 340B eligibility and if desired provide resources and expertise to assist you in the enrollment process. 

340B Audit Services

CompleteRx provides audit services to help customers comply with 340B eligibility requirements. Our subject matter experts will provide an annual compliance audit of your 340B policies, procedures, and processes. In addition, CompleteRx will conduct monthly sampling of data transactions to ensure patients are not receiving duplicate discounts. 

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Pharmacy Informatics and Technology Services

Pharmacy informatics has become a new specialty within pharmacy and is developing rapidly. CompleteRx maintains a team dedicated to providing project resources to assist customers with pharmacy related technology projects. Example projects include:

  • Automated dispensing cabinet assessment
  • Automated dispensing cabinet upgrades and new builds 
  • Carousel shelving installations
  • Supply cabinet installations
  • Anesthesia cart installations
  • Charge description master database scrub
  • Smart pump library builds
  • Barcode medication verification system library builds

Utilizing CompleteRx pharmacy informatics resources to manage your technology project shortens the implementation cycle and allows your staff to focus on patient care activities. Project services are billed separately based on customer need, at rates that are typically 30% less than industry averages.

Accreditation Readiness and Regulatory Compliance Services

Pharmacy services is one of the most regulated departments in your hospital. The pharmacy must comply with multiple regulatory bodies including CMS, HRSA, DEA, state board of pharmacy, EPA, OSHA, and NABP. Unfortunately, most hospitals realize they are non-compliant only after failing an accreditation survey or a diversion incident has been recorded. 

The CompleteRx Accreditation Compliance Review provides customers a pro-active mechanism to evaluate your pharmacy’s state of compliance and evaluate the integrity of your controlled substance diversion policies. Our comprehensive review assesses compliance with over 200 pharmacy related service elements typically surveyed by the top three accreditation agencies in addition to DEA and state board of pharmacy regulations. Our subject matter experts review findings with the customer providing recommendations for corrective actions.

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Why Choose CompleteRx Pharmacy Consulting Services?

Our mission statement, “Better care, Better Service, Through Innovation” reflects our drive to provide versatile and results-oriented services through customizable solutions and flexible contracting models. When you work with us, you get: 

Tailor-made Solutions

At every step, we factor in your strategic goals, values and culture so that the project plan is uniquely suited to your specific needs. Plus, we conduct regularly scheduled project updates to ensure accountability.  

Customer Culture

CompleteRx emphasizes teamwork between our employees and our customers. Our size and structure allow us to provide a level of customer service intimacy that large, bureaucratic organizations cannot. This is part of the reason why many of our original customers are still with us to this day.

Ready to reduce costs, optimize your pharmacy operations and ensure compliance and safety?

“As always, thanks so much for your help and support! You know me, I won’t miss an opportunity to tell you how great our team is – they led our system with MDI and COVID-19 protocols; they are checking inventory and scarfing up available meds; and these are only the things I know about (except they have offered to help screen visitors and employees, but that’s because they are good people, not because it’s the pharmacy’s job).”
– Dr. William Mills, Senior Vice President of Quality and Medical Affairs UAHS