Pharmacy Teams

Today’s pharmacy professionals must prepare to take on more responsibility to contain costs while demonstrating continuous improvements in patient outcomes. We assist Directors of Pharmacy and their departments by providing the offsite and onsite resources and expertise they need to be successful.

We Make Managing Your Hospital
Pharmacy Easier

A hospital pharmacy department is complex to run. We offer a solution that helps you maximize your pharmacy success through unparalleled support and resources for your pharmacy team.

Our goal is to partner with you to enhance your pharmacy culture to:

  • Increase pharmacy staff retention
  • Improve nurse satisfaction (along with patients, your nurses are your biggest customer of the pharmacy)
  • Comply with accreditation and regulatory standards
  • Reduce pharmacy expense

Watch this video to hear from a Pharmacy team member who is part of one of our many successful hospital partnerships.

Improving Patient Care Together

The pharmacy team is accountable to distribute the right drug, right dose, right route, at the right time to the right patient. And patient safety must be first and foremost. Patient care is the core of our work. We foster strong collaborations between the pharmacy, physicians, nurses and patients to effectively deliver care.
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CompleteRx recognizes the challenges pharmacists and technicians face every day

Our care team experts work with you side-by-side to elevate your knowledge and confidence so you can become a successful leader. We go to bat for you to provide a work environment where you are given an opportunity to achieve your highest potential, while experiencing dignity, respect and job satisfaction.

Principles that guide the relationship with your pharmacy team:

  • Integrating with your culture
  • Providing training, mentorship, and support
  • Increasing access to continuing education programs
  • Providing a path for career growth / progression
  • Recruiting quality personnel

Discover how a three-hospital system improved clinical outcomes and achieved hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug savings.