How It Works

Assessing Your Pharmacy Performance

In today’s hospital pharmacy environment, it is critical for hospital and pharmacy leadership to have a scorecard that shows you how your pharmacy department is performing from a regulatory, operational, financial, and technology standpoint.

CompleteRx invests time on the front-end of building a relationship with your team to demonstrate how we deliver guaranteed cost savings and enhancements in partnership with your existing pharmacy team.

A collaboration between nursing and pharmacy to solve a patient problem.


Step 1

Information Gathering

When our team begins developing a relationship with a potential client, we start by gathering information across several areas.

Step 2


CompleteRx pharmacy subject matter experts perform a complimentary on-site operational assessment and wrap-up meeting with the executive team to share our findings.

Step 3


Throughout the years, CompleteRx has developed a thorough database of information from a variety of hospital sizes with varying scopes of services.

Step 3

Creating a CompleteRx Solution

With our depth of pharmacy operations experience, we use our findings and industry benchmarks to develop a partnership solution that we can guarantee will save your hospital money and improve your pharmacy operations.

Step 4


During our presentation we will review our assessment and show you how your pharmacy compares against organizations of a similar size and service offering.

  • People Resources
  • Operations and Distribution
  • Clinical Programs
  • Patient Safety and Regulatory Compliance
  • Technology and Automation
  • Financial

Our team takes the time to do a thorough assessment of your data and physical operation to show our transparency and commitment to be a financially at-risk partner with contractual accountability.

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