Hospital Administration

Hospital leaders are being challenged to manage funding gaps and improve patient care within a rapidly changing healthcare environment. We partner with executive leadership to help identify and address areas critical to their pharmacy’s strategic success.

Attain Pharmacy Cost Savings While Enhancing Clinical Quality and Satisfaction

Pharmacy is one of the largest cost centers for a hospital and a source of great strategic value.

With drug costs continuing to escalate while reimbursements continue to shrink, the need to maximize pharmacy performance is a must.

However, knowing whether your hospital pharmacy is delivering the most value for the money remains a challenge for many healthcare executives as running a modern pharmacy requires in-depth knowledge of medications, clinical protocols, regulations, dispensing technologies and more.

Discover how a three-hospital system improved clinical outcomes and achieved hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug savings.

Delivering Better Outcomes and Greater Satisfaction

CompleteRx provides clients the information, expertise, and insights to help grow the bottom line, improve quality of care, maintain compliance, and build an engaged workforce.

Our team of experts deliver solutions designed to lower your pharmacy operating cost while improving quality of care, patient safety, and compliance by implementing pharmacy best practices relative to:

  • Drug cost control
  • Clinical pharmacy practice
  • Technology integration
  • Patient safety
  • Pharmacy operations and productivity
  • Accreditation and regulatory compliance
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CompleteRx Differentiators

We promote a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous performance improvement providing expertise and leadership every step of the way. Our solutions contain several differentiators that truly set us apart from our competitors including:

  • Financially at-risk contracting models
  • Savings guarantees
  • Customer aligned performance standards

Looking for untapped potential in pharmacy and guaranteed results?