The CompleteRx 3-in-5 educational series covers hospital pharmacy news, trends, and more in a short 5-minute video podcast.

3-in-5 Episodes

Episode 17: Three Ways to Improve Your Hospital’s Drug Diversion Program

In this episode we close out our special drug diversion mini series and offer hospital executives new ways to improve upon their drug diversion program.

Episode 16: Three Things Hospital Executives Should Know About Drug Diversion Events in their Facilities

Episode 16 is the first in a two-part special edition series covering the recent rise in drug diversions throughout the pandemic. In this episode, we uncover several potentially overlooked blind spots hospital leaders should be aware of.

3 in 5 Episode 15: Top 3 Hospital Pharmacy Trends C-Suite Should Know in 2022

From technology to staffing, these are the top three hospital pharmacy trends hospital execs should keep an eye on in 2022.

3 in 5 Episode 14: Three Things to Help Hospital Executives Better Understand the Impacts of Me Too Drugs

While Me Too drugs continue to rapidly make their way onto hospital formularies, CompleteRx aims to give hospital executives insights into the importance of a thorough review process to avoid costly impacts.

3 in 5 Episode 13: Pharmacy Week – A Celebration of Women in Pharmacy

In celebration of Pharmacy Week 2021, we sat down with five women in pharmacy to learn about their pharmacy journeys. They share their experiences, passions, and best advice for future pharmacy professionals.

Episode 12: Three Ways to Achieve Higher Rates of Vaccination Compliance in Your Community

Celebrating National Immunization Awareness Month with a feature on how to achieve higher rates of vaccination compliance in your community.

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