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National Pharmacist Month: Celebrating Our Healthcare Heroes

Every October, Americans come together to celebrate National Pharmacist Month. It’s a great time to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions that pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacy teams make to patient care. This month offers plenty of opportunities to shed light on the vital role they play in helping people in our communities, hospitals, and beyond

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Navigating Today’s Drug Shortages: A Guide for Hospital Preparedness

In 2023, the healthcare industry continues to grapple with the persistent challenge of drug shortages. According to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), drug shortages are at the highest they’ve been in nearly a decade, emphasizing the urgent need for proactive planning and preparation. As hospitals strive to ensure the highest quality of care

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7 Benefits to Outsourcing Your Hospital Pharmacy Services

What is Hospital Pharmacy Outsourcing? Hospital pharmacy outsourcing is the process of a third-party assuming the management of all aspects of the pharmacy, including staffing, regulatory, and drug management. Healthcare organizations usually choose to outsource their pharmacy if they are looking to cut costs, improve quality, and better understand how their operation is performing. Download

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Chargemaster Maintenance

Chargemaster Maintenance: Guidelines for Managing your CDM and Staying Up to Date

Hospital pharmacies play a crucial role in ensuring that patients receive the appropriate medical care and treatment. One essential component of this is maintaining an accurate charge description master, also known as the chargemaster or CDM. The chargemaster is a comprehensive list of all medical procedures, services, and supplies that a hospital offers, along with their

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Drug Diversion Prevention

How to Prevent Drug Diversion

Drug diversion is a tremendous challenge for hospitals and pharmacies, creating risk for patients, clinicians, and the entire health care system. Most diversion goes undetected and/or unreported due to its covert nature and the unreliability of traditional reporting like monthly usage reports. This makes it difficult to obtain precise data, but a wide range of

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Pharmacy Audit Checklist

A pharmacy audit checklist can serve as a guideline to help you prepare for a DEA audit and avoid costly mistakes. CompleteRx provides all clients with a defined process and checklist, which is reviewed and updated by the CompleteRx operations team. In addition, our compliance department conducts independent onsite audits to ensure adherence. What is

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Improving Your Hospital Pharmacy Inventory Management

Why is Hospital Pharmacy Inventory Management Important? Maintaining an efficient hospital pharmacy inventory management system is important because it allows the hospital, first and foremost, to deliver optimal patient care and safety. This is the driving force in creating and implementing any system. An effective hospital pharmacy inventory management system helps manage costs and addresses

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