Unparalleled Support and Resources

Pharmacists Supporting Pharmacists

We are passionate about leading the future of pharmacy. We are a company of pharmacists who want to see all pharmacy leaders practicing at the top of their ability, as accomplished and respected members of the healthcare team. We recognize that pharmacy leaders are expected to be experts in everything, including: clinical programs, informatics, regulatory compliance, inventory management, finance, drug diversion, and now, USP <797> and <800> HVAC and Hazardous Drugs. How can one or two pharmacy leaders manage it alone? That’s where we come in. CompleteRx helps by providing subject matter experts (SMEs) in each of these areas to help guide you to achieve high-level outcomes. We work collaboratively with your staff, nurses and doctors to improve medication safety, regulatory compliance and enhance the pharmacist’s role on the health care team.  Your success is our success. We commit to helping you reach your highest potential by:
  • Being supportive and investing in your growth.
  • Fostering a positive work environment where you can ask questions and immediately receive support.
  • Offering engaging work that utilizes your unique skills, training and education.
  • Providing access to leading SMEs who are committed to your success. These individuals can help you navigate big issues like drug shortages as well as small issues like a formulary monograph for your next P&T meeting.