Training and Development

Fostering Career Growth

We believe in the future of pharmacy, and we’re serious about developing clinical and operational leaders who live pharmacy. Our mission is better care, better service through innovation. Our goal is to provide safe, clinically-effective care in the most cost-effective manner by pharmacists and technicians who can practice at their fullest potential. Training and development opportunities keep you moving forward in your career, while keeping our profession strong and providing exceptional care to our patients. At CompleteRx, we believe in career growth so you can practice at the top of your field. For pharmacists, this could mean…
  • pharmacokinetic dosing
  • rounding with providers
  • counseling patients
For technicians, this means…
  • preparing IVs
  • optimizing automation
  • purchasing medications
We provide you resources, support and opportunities to advance your career. Participate in Clinical Pharmacy Advisory Group (CPAG) conference calls, hands-on training, CE programs, and e-learning courses in the CompleteRx Training Camp.