Our Mission and Vision

Leading the future of pharmacy

We live pharmacy. CompleteRx is a company of pharmacists supporting pharmacists. As a team of subject matter experts, we collaborate with our hospital partners to make them the best they can be. Our work improves pharmacy efficiency and nurses and physician satisfaction for better patient care.  By driving change and innovation, we seek to constantly improve patient care and pharmacy services. We want people who care about serving and who are passionate about innovating for better solutions. Who strive constantly to do better, to learn more, to be excellent at their work. We support your work through development opportunities, dedicated subject matter experts who keep you up to date on the latest research, regulations and more. We believe in empowering you to succeed. That’s how we drive results and lead the future.

VISION To be the industry leader in pharmacy co-sourcing services

MISSION Better care, better service, through innovation

VALUES As team members of CompleteRx, we are dedicated to the principles of our Team Covenant values simplified by our core values:

COMMITTED: WE EXPECT that each employee will always try to do their very best, assume accountability for the work they perform, and continuously attempt to grow and improve in their job. COLLABORATIVE: WE BELIEVE that the very best work outcomes are accomplished when all employees share a sense of mutual ownership for successful results, and where each employee accepts personal accountability for their individual contributions. INNOVATIVE: WE EXPECT that each employee will constantly attempt to do their very best, show a desire for innovative growth and personal improvement, and strive to be excellent in all that they do. ETHICAL: WE GENUINELY believe in the “Golden Rule” as meaning, treat others as you would like to be treated. This age-old guiding principle complements our organizational philosophy.  RESULTS DRIVEN: WE EXPECT each employee to assume the responsibility and be accountable for using time effectively, and to apply themselves fully in their participation in the implementation of this overall covenant. https://www.completerx.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/CRX_Team_Covenant.pdf

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