Improved Quality and Patient Care

Improved Profitability. Better Patient Outcomes.

Hospital leaders know that  pharmacy can have a positive impact on operating expense and care delivery. CompleteRx specializes in quantifying and translating these opportunities into practice to deliver improved profitability and better patient outcomes. 

CompleteRx is a co-sourcing partner, so our team works with your existing staff to efficiently improve pharmacy operations. We can help you comply with accreditation standards, prevent diversion, create a culture of safety, implement robust clinical programs, recruit and develop staff – and more.

It all starts with an in-depth analysis of your pharmacy’s operations, processes, systems and data, followed by the implementation of a sustainable improvement plan: 

  1. Optimize operational models to maximize and leverage all pharmacy resources
  2. Improve pharmacy operations to develop your competitive advantage
  3. Unify business processes aligning to achieve your hospital’s strategic goals while delivering better service for providers and patients
  4. Benchmark and implement ongoing productivity reporting to navigate performance and ensure continued success

The CompleteRx operating model embraces what your pharmacy staff does well, then adds new elements to elevate patient care through continuous improvement. No matter how good your team is, we guarantee our approach will improve your pharmacy operations.

Optimize My Pharmacy

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Reduce complexity, overcome pain points and strengthen confidence in your pharmacy. To request a no-cost pharmacy assessment or inquire about our services, contact us.