Pharmacies Can Address Hospital Executive Concerns

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HCEG Top 10 Concerns

For the last 10 years, the Healthcare Executive Group has asked its members what they see as the coming year’s primary opportunities, challenges and issues. Many of these concerns cover areas where pharmacy leaders can and should play a strategic role in hospital operations.

Known as the HCEG Top 10, the group’s members responded with these top concerns for 2019, in order:

  1. Data and analytics
  2. Total consumer health
  3. Population health services*
  4. Value-based payments*
  5. Digital healthcare organization
  6. Rising pharmacy costs
  7. External market disruption
  8. Operational effectiveness
  9. Opioid management
  10. Cybersecurity*

Arguably the most obvious areas where pharmacy can play a role are in the areas of drug costs, opioid management, data and analytics, total consumer health, value-based payments, and operational effectiveness.

The Healthcare Executive Group defines these concerns as:

Rising Pharmacy Costs: Implementing strategies to address growth of pharma costs along with benefits to quality of care and to total healthcare costs.

Opioid Management: Developing strategies for identifying and supporting individuals and populations struggling with substance abuse/addiction or at risk of addiction.

Data & Analytics: Leveraging data (especially clinical) to manage health and drive individual, provider and payer decisions.

Total Consumer Health: Improving members’ overall medical, social, financial, and environmental well-being.

Value-based Payments: Transitioning to and targeting specific medical conditions to manage cost and improve quality of care.

Operational Effectiveness: Implementing lean quality programs, process efficiency (with new core business models), robotics automation, revenue cycle management, real-time/near-time point of sales transactions, etc.

CompleteRx offers these resources to help its readers learn more about these vital areas of pharmacy operations.

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