Moments in Pharmacy – Reynant Jackson

Complete RX healthcare worker and Pharmacist Reynant Jackson

The theme for this year’s ASHP Mid-Year Conference is “Some Mid-Year Magic.” To celebrate the contributions and magic that our talented pharmacists and technicians bring to their patients, we are launching a new series called Moments in Pharmacy.

Today we feature Reynant Jackson, CPhT, a pharmacy technician and supervisor working at Loretto Hospital in Chicago for 17 years.

  1. What does being a pharmacy technician mean to you?
  2. Being a pharmacy technician supervisor and a buyer means that I feel a big responsibility for making sure that the pharmacy operates in a timely manner. An efficient pharmacy helps our hospital give patients the best care possible.

I love my job so much. Being part of the pharmacy team, I know that by the end of the day, we have helped our patients to feel better. It’s a privilege to share my knowledge with my coworkers and patients.

We believe in the old advice, “do it once and do it right.”

  1. Name one thing that’s changed the most about pharmacy operations since you began your career. 
  2. Automation and technology are definitely the things that have changed the most since I started working 17 years ago. For instance, automated dispensing units in the pharmacy help us better manage our time and it’s much safer. Rather than sending a bunch of individual bags of medicine for each patient, the medicines can be sent upstairs in bulk. Also having dispensing units on the patient floors saves time.
  3. What are the biggest challenges you see in the coming 2-5 years?
  4. Drug costs and shortages are the biggest challenges for everyone right now. Drug costs are the first thing I would change if I had a magic wand. Shortages in drugs and supplies like sodium bicarbonate are a huge problem and are impacting patient care and pharmacy operations.


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