Five Ways to Celebrate Pharmacy Week

pharmacy week

October  16-22, 2022 is dedicated to National Pharmacy Week. It is a time to recognize the invaluable contributions Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians have made in healthcare. This year we would like to offer five ways to celebrate the Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians within your organizations.

  1. Recognize your staff!

If you are a leader in your hospital, we encourage you to reach out directly to your pharmacy staff and recognize them for the all that they do. Whether in an email, a handwritten note, or a simple handshake, recognition can go a very long way.

  1. Invite patients to a pharmacy meet and greet.

Consider hosting a meet and greet to introduce your pharmacy staff to patients and their caregivers. This not only offers more exposure to the clinical pharmacy, but it also allows patients time to connect with their pharmacists.

  1. Share your pharmacy success stories!

It’s always hard to toot our own horns, but the pharmacy’s success means the success of your entire hospital. Take the opportunity this Pharmacy Week to share your pharmacy’s success stories on your website, social media accounts, and newsletters.

  1. Make it educational.

Consider using this week as an educational tool. Whether it is educating patients on proper medication management or available drug discount programs, this time can have a major impact on patient relations.

  1. Just have fun!

Whether it is by way of a celebratory ice cream social or encouraging your pharmacy staff to host a spirit day (think high school homecoming week), have fun this week. A little fun can go a long way!

Remember, this group is just as vital in the success of your organization as all others, so show them some love this Pharmacy Week!


Other key dates to remember and celebrate during Pharmacy Week:

October 12, 2022 – National Women’s Pharmacist Day

October 18, 2022 – National Pharmacy Technician Day

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