We Manage Pharmacies
In The Complex, Dynamic
Ecosystem That Is A Hospital.

A hospital isn't just a building with a bed count. It's a dynamic, delicately designed ecosystem with interdependent groups working together within critical cycles. And it never rests.

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The Pharmacy doesn’t operate in a vacuum.

It is, naturally, a vital organ of the hospital and must function efficiently and unceasingly in conjunction with all the other hospital entities.

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Your world requires consistent nurturing on multiple levels.

There are several fundamental ways we engage with your team to optimize and maintain pharmacy performance.

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We Nurture a Special Breed of Pharmacy Leadership.

CompleteRx Directors of Pharmacy and staff make a significant impact on the hospital environments in which they work. Join the team.

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Unparalleled Support
Ongoing Education

Our People
The Spotted Salamander is known for its remarkable regenerative ability. CompleteRx works in the same fashion by insuring pharmacies are always well staffed and never short handed.

Hospital Consulting that Optimizes Operations.

Our pharmacy consulting services streamline workflows, automate tasks.

We help ensure that doctors, nurses and pharmacy all move in unison while improving communications.

Pharmacy Management that Protects Against Outside Forces.

Anticipating drug shortages and staying ahead of new regulatory requirements.

Our team maintains a vigilant eye on healthcare reform through our national network. From 340B consulting and compliance to handling internal audits, we can help you avoid the unfortunate side effects of regulation.

Risk management
Upcoming reform

Our People
Like the Crested Porcupine, CompleteRx protects the vital operations of the hospital by keeping risks at a distance with a system designed to mitigate them before they have a chance to interrupt the work flow.

The Team

"The Director of Pharmacy has a vast array of resources."