Making a Positive Impact on Your Hospital Pharmacy

We optimize every aspect of the pharmacy and make an ongoing positive impact throughout the hospital ecosystem, including the bottom line.

CompleteRx Pharmacy Management makes physical and financial impact

We Provide Outstanding Pharmacy Leadership and Abundant Support.

We also maintain a deep bench of support staff. Our nationside network finds, trains and develops talent for all pharmacy positions. What’s more, every year we provide hundreds of hours of clinical training from pharmacy personnel.

We Identify and Eliminate Operational Errors…

CompleteRx conducts an overall needs assessment. A team headed by a LEAN Six Sigma professional will uncover weak spots and put together an action plan to address the errors and improve efficiency.

  • Map workflows
  • Assess staffing levels
  • Pinpoint inefficiencies
  • Review dispensing cabinets
  • Manage the supply chain
  • Fine-tune the formulary
  • Upgrade and integrate IT

Our IT team installs new medication management systems and software to help ensure accuracy, safety and predictability. Our clinical technicians formulate and help you implement evidence-based medication protocols. We also offer patient education and ongoing nursing in-service programs, sharing the latest trends in medication to again, help reduce errors and enhance efficient delivery of the right meds to the right patients.

…And Reduce Pharmacy Costs in a Number of Ways.

Our comprehensive assessments and customized action plans not only improve operations. They can dramatically affect the bottom line.

  • In one three year stretch, we save clients nearly $5 million through the 340B program alone.
  • We saved two hospitals nearly $300,000 in one year in drug costs.
  • We helped a client hospital save $250,000 in one year through better personnel management.

We Even Shoulder Financial Risk.

One way we lighten your financial load is through our specialty drug management program. We can purchase specialty drugs through our national network with preferred pricing. Even better, we only bill the hospital when the drug is administered. This eliminates waste due to expiration, poor forecasting or unexpected demand.

For a hospital spending $14 million a year on specialty drugs, a modest 2% savings through better inventory management equates to $280,000.

This is just one way we share your financial burden.

Maintain Compliance.

Every year, state boards of pharmacy amend laws and regulations covering a wide range of topics. There can be financial consequences when a hospital is not compliant. We keep all our hospital clients compliant with operations reviews, audits and training programs.

“I’ve never worked in a hospital that had a more involved pharmacy…consistently looking at always to save money …actively involved with improving patient care.”
– CompleteRx Client Hospital

Engage Us in Several Ways.

A total pharmacy management solution is a highly effective way to turn an underperforming area into a profit center. But it’s not the only way.

We can help with transitional leadership, placing our own highly qualified transitional leaders in a new facility, or a failing one, to begin transforming pharmacy operations. This helps stabilize pharmacy systems immediately and can substantially drive down costs and improve patient care.

We can provide consulting expertise and resources to help complete projects on time and on budget with minimal disruptions to ongoing pharmacy operations. Our capabilities are broad and our approach is flexible, allowing you to customize the level of support and control you need.

Get Guaranteed Savings

We’re so certain we can save you on pharmacy costs, we guarantee it. In fact, we’ll estimate it, then write you a check for the savings before we do any work. Find out how that works. And how big your check will be.

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Fully Engaged

“I’ve never worked in a hospital that had a more involved pharmacy. They consistently look at ways to save money and are actively involved with improving patient care.”
— CompleteRx Client Hospital