Pharmacy Consulting Services That Optimize Operations

CompleteRx provides comprehensive pharmacy services helping guide the entire hospital toward cultural, operational and financial equilibrium.

Our Impact

We enhance the pharmacy’s performance – financial, clinical, operations, inventory, technology, risk management, patient safety, staffing – in turn helping to optimize the entire hospital environment.

Our Expertise

Affecting everything from leadership roles to cost control, operations, accreditation and technology integration, we may bring many years of experience and invaluable expertise to your hospital pharmacy.

Total Solution

We complete your pharmacy operations and impact performance that is seen beyond the pharmacy – working with interdisciplinary teams to reach hospital goals.

Pharmacy Management

We offer a total management solution that addresses every aspect of the pharmacy and its extension to the hospital in which it lives. From staffing and recruiting, to IT and regulatory.

Transitional Leadership

When a leadership void occurs it must be filled quickly or the well-being of the team deteriorates quickly. Our role is to ensure your immediate staffing needs are met with talented leaders.


Even if we’re not physically inside your pharmacy, we can still infuse knowledge and expertise on a host of critical pharmacy and hospital functions.

“I sleep better at night knowing CompleteRx is there.”

– Jim Crissey, President and CEO, Southern Regional Medical Center

Patient Care

“The patients are everything to me.”

“CompleteRx prides itself in putting the patient at the center of what we do and how we think. Especially in understanding the multitude of processes involved with taking care of patients.”