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Watch educational webinars from CompleteRx Subject Matter Experts on a variety of hospital pharmacy topics.

Road to Recovery: Cost Management strategies for the second highest hospital expense

The webinar covers the cost reduction strategies and new operational norms we recommend implementing in hospital pharmacies following the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Eye on the prize Promoting a “culture of excellence” through effective strategic planning

In conjunction with the Kentucky Center for Performance Excellence (KyCPE), this webinar will teach you to develop a strategic planning process to improve your organization’s performance and ensure key performance indicators are aligned with your overall strategic plan. The webinar will also review past healthcare Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winners and share best practices from these award winners.

Pain Points – How to Overcome the Opioid Crisis

This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the pain crisis and how it affects various patient populations, outline CDC guidelines on opioid use for chronic pain and identify strategies to positively impact the use of opioids and outcomes.