Quality & Safety

Our Impact Can Not be Overstated
Our impact cannot be overstated. The numbers alone tell a compelling story. Examples include:
  • A 60% decrease in opioid ADE
  • Nearly $300,000 in drug cost savings for two hospitals

Better Patient Care Starts Here

We leverage our hospital experience and industry knowledge to develop best practices that improve patient safety and quality of care.

Clinical Advisory Board

CompleteRx pharmacy directors, clinical managers and specialists continuously collaborate to share ideas, review the most current drug literature, and develop tools and protocols which promote safe, cost-effective medication therapy. Establishing appropriate evidence-based drug usage protocols assures patients that their medications have been thoroughly researched and validated, while keeping physicians up-to-date with the latest developments.

Clinical Services Support

Our Clinical Services department develops clinical competencies to ensure pharmacy staff have the necessary skills to care for the patient populations they serve. Competency training is administered via our web-based learning system. Area clinical managers also facilitate on-site training sessions and provide P&T support.

Patient Safety Advisory Board

Likewise, our Patient Safety Advisory Board reviews, develops and publishes best practice protocols and policies to keep hospitals current with the latest standards for patient safety. In addition to publishing these standards, our Patient Safety and Compliance experts publish educational materials via our Patient Safety newsletter to help keep pharmacy staff and our hospital partners current.

When a new drug is introduced that reduces dosing days required, we share with doctors why this drug is a better patient care indicator.


Proving Our Case

CompleteRx began working with its hospitals to leverage existing assets to efficiently and effectively get out ahead of antimicrobial stewardship regulation and tackle emerging issues.