Perfecting Process, the Key to Smart Pharmacy Operations

Through our experience in managing hospital pharmacies for the past 20 years, we’ve developed best practices for operations and processes. Every aspect of the pharmacy is measured against benchmarks as we look for opportunities to improve efficiency, productivity and patient care.

The Optimization Process

Pharmacies have become so complex that no single person can know everything about running one effectively while staying current with all the new accreditation and regulatory requirements. That’s where hospital pharmacy outsourcing can have a huge impact.

If you choose the right pharmacy management partner, that is.


CompleteRx experts specialize in every facet of the business. Our initial operations audit of your pharmacy analyzes each aspect, from automation usage to staffing levels. We identify how you can improve pharmacy turnaround time, enhance quality, and increase productivity by using our experienced team to your best advantage.

Customized Action Plan

Once complete, we prioritize opportunities for improvement, document an action plan and apply the appropriate tools, technologies and subject matter experts to achieve your strategic objectives for pharmacy services.

For example, we can implement automation to help streamline workflows, drug dispensing and regulatory reporting. If we find a regulatory issue, we put together a checklist of items that need to be corrected and bring in our regulatory experts to make it happen. If the problem is turnaround time getting drugs from the pharmacy to the floor, our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt will come on site to do a Lean project.

Constant Review

Once an efficient operating plan is in place, CompleteRx transitions clients to a continuous-improvement operating mode, conducting annual audits that incorporate changes in regulatory and accreditation standards, as well as best practices. Regularly scheduled business reviews track milestones reached, savings realized, regulatory compliance status, and nursing satisfaction progress among other operations key performance indicators.

As we integrate into the client’s environment, our collaborative, interactive approach improves relationships and communications with doctors, nurses and patients, which fosters more efficient operations, streamlines workflows, decreases turnaround times and enhances patient care.

Impact Story: Improved Turnaround and Productivity

After a nursing staff raised concerns regarding the amount of time it was taking for the nursing unit to receive medications, we conducted a Lean Six Sigma study that identified multiple root causes. The plan we implemented dramatically reduced turnaround time and lost productivity caused by missing or delayed medications. The positive impact to the organization was equivalent to $48,600 per month.