Reduce Errors, Hours, Lost Charges and Cost with Our IT Services

We build databases, clean and optimize dispensing cabinets, install bar code software and integrate it all. And we’ll pay you to get started.

New Hardware and Software Not Enough

The Affordable Care Act required hospitals to upgrade their information systems and dispensing cabinetry so they can migrate effectively to Electronic Health Records (EHR), implement Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) and track medications by bar code. Perhaps you have made these upgrades already.

But getting everything integrated seamlessly is a massive challenge that many if not most hospitals struggle with daily.

We Help Optimize Your HIS

The new systems life Epic and Cerner are very sophisticated. But an extraordinary amount of work – work that is critical to the pharmacy and to patient safety – is required up front. Often pharmacy staff is expected to handle these time-consuming tasks, which include:

  • Filling the drug dictionary
  • Building in order sets
  • Installing bar code software
  • Setting smart pump guardrails
  • Cleaning, configuring and optimizing automated dispensing cabinets
  • Making sure all these technologies communicate with your hospital’s information system so that patient records are complete and remain accurate

CompleteRx IT experts are trained to handle every one of these projects, and more.

Keep Your People Focused on What They Do Best

Hospital IT has a massive list of other day-to-day issues to address. Plus they probably do not possess the requisite pharmaceutical knowledge to effectively build order sets and configure dispensing cabinets. Conversely, your pharmacy staff is trained in medication therapies, not database building.

CompleteRx can take care of these projects for you, helping ensure that you are error-free, that your patients get safe, timely medication therapy, and that your pharmacy staff and your labor budget are utilized in the most productive manner possible.

Say Good-Bye to Lost Charges

Getting the right medication to the right patient in the right dose at the right time is an impressive enough challenge. But are you getting compensated? If codes are not accurate because the charge master is not up to date, you get lost charges.

The CompleteRx team will do a full charge master review to ensure that charge codes are correct.

It All Starts With an Assessment You Don’t Pay For

Your pharmacy IT is just one area CompleteRx can impact dramatically. Our initial pharmacy operations assessment is comprehensive. The process requires a CompleteRx person on site for a day or two, and one to two weeks to analyze critical information for optimization and savings opportunities, like:

  • Profit and loss statements
  • Drug purchases and utilization
  • Inventory management
  • Staffing, based on census data
  • Charges to various departments
  • Financial programs you’re currently in (340B)
  • And much more

At no charge to you.

In fact, once we assess your needs and provide an action plan of projects, we will estimate the financial savings you can expect over the next year, and cut you a check for that amount. For some hospitals, that figure could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

1,000 Medication Errors Reduced

An annual reduction in medication errors saved one hospital well over $1 million.

How much will you save?

“CompleteRx helped us cut hundreds of medication errors over the course of a year. It saved us well over $1 million.”

– Customer Hospital Executive