Patients, the Focus of All Pharmacy Services

The hospital has one primary cause: patient care. All of the relationships and interactivity alive in the hospital exist for this purpose.

Cost-Effective Medication Therapy

By continuously collaborating with nurses and doctors, CompleteRx can nurture better relationships that positively and perpetually affect patient experiences and clinical outcomes. We deliver meticulously honed processes that ensure correct dosages and timely delivery to speed a patient’s care and recovery.

Comprised of our pharmacy directors, clinical managers and clinical specialists, our Clinical Advisory Board continuously evaluates current literature and shares field-based experiences. We deliver:

  • Practical medication therapy protocols
  • Formulary benchmarks and guidelines
  • Proprietary medication cost-tracking technology
  • Continuous cost-saving data analysis
  • Custom strategies

The CompleteRx approach is entirely about improving care. Care of the pharmacy, care of the hospital and its resources and, most importantly, care of the patients.

Impact Story: Moving Day

When one of our hospital facilities relocated to its new home down the street – after nearly 90 years at the same location – we provided the resources and expertise for the pharmacy move. It was a huge undertaking, requiring a year’s worth of planning and a big increase in drug spend. We had to maintain the same level of drugs at the old hospital while stocking the new pharmacy in anticipation of increased patient volume.

We set up the new pharmacy, including a new IT platform, pharmacy information system, billing system, dispensing machines and clean IV room. On moving day, everything in the pharmacy was boxed up and taken over, while someone stayed in the old pharmacy as patients were transferred.

To make all this happen, CompleteRx brought in extra resources from the home office, including executive management. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to help.

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The culture at CompleteRx fosters collaborative care with the patient at the center of everything.

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We’re even more pleased their patients are leading stronger, more comfortable lives.

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