Keeping Unity in the Hospital Workplace

Placing a high value on symbiotic relationships and cultural alignment, we want the pharmacy services we provide to encourage harmony and team work.

Fostering Interdepartmental Relationships

Our culture promotes collaborative care. CompleteRx is the catalyst for collaboration in hospital environments, which is an extension of the way we collaborate inside our own company.

CompleteRx fosters and nurtures beneficial relationships between the pharmacy, doctors, nurses and patients, which dramatically impact patient care.

We also align our resources with the hospital’s needs in order to develop programs that make a big difference in operations efficiency, patient safety and financial performance. Our directors of pharmacy are ambassadors of their hospitals as well as CompleteRx. We pursue critical relationships with other disciplines within the facility – between doctors, nurses and patients – that change the hospital’s cultural dynamics for the better.

A Healthier Environment

As we plug into the client’s culture and integrate into the organization, we really make a difference. Operations become more efficient, workflows are streamlined, turnaround times decrease and patient safety improves.

Our impact depends on how much we can advance relationships and communications when we are on board. We know our collaboration has been most successful when nurses look to us as advisors and physicians request that our pharmacists accompany them on rounds, relying on them to help select the right drug for the patient.

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We build relationships with the nurses and physicians, ensuring the various disciplines are operating as a team.

Client Testimonial

“Before CompleteRx, there was no response to nursing concerns… no support to move forward and patient safety was not a priority for the pharmacy. Now, the pharmacy is very receptive, and there’s a quicker response from the Director of Pharmacy with CompleteRx in the picture.”

— CompleteRx Client Hospital