Perpetual Impact, Well Beyond the Pharmacy

All the ways we enhance the pharmacy’s performance – financial, clinical, operations, purchasing, technology, regulatory, patient safety, staffing – in turn helping to optimize the entire hospital environment.

Patient Care

Life and health make up the bottom line of any ecosystem. The hospital has one primary cause: patient care. All of the relationships and interactivity alive in the hospital exist for this purpose.

Risk Management

A complex environment like your hospital is, at the same time, robust and fragile. Even the simplest breakdowns in one area can have a ripple effect on the larger body.


Without the healthy circulation of its most critical element, whether it’s blood, water or financing, the entire system fails. The financial impact of CompleteRx cannot be overstated.

Operational Efficiency

Complex environments require efficiency in many ways and on many levels. We can accelerate pharmacy operations and provide patient care more effectively.


Over time, as the web of healthcare environments face new challenges and changing circumstances, they must fundamentally adapt in order to survive.

Cultural Alignment

In any community, any environment, anywhere, symbiotic relationships and interaction exist to maintain the natural order.