For optimized pharmacy operations, a variety of clientele depend on us.

As the leading provider of innovative hospital pharmacy management solutions, CompleteRx specializes in pharmacy consulting, hospital pharmacy management and pharmacy operations for independent hospitals, health systems, children’s hospitals and correctional facilities.

Acute Care Hospitals

Whether metropolitan or rural, we serve acute care hospitals across the US providing expert pharmacy management and consulting services.

Health System / IDNS

We work with health systems and IDNs to customize a pharmacy strategy across multiple hospitals.

Children’s Hospitals

We partner with both independent and network children’s hospitals to provide pharmacy consulting and management for pediatric patients.

State Systems & Correctional Facilities

CompleteRx partners with a state system to provide pharmacy consulting and pharmacy services across all agency departments, including correctional facilities.

“This is the first group I would call when I need inpatient pharmacy services. Terry does what he says he will do, and so does the CompleteRx team. Their growth has proven my initial impression to be correct. They are an excellent business partner.”

— Scott Brown, former CEO at Moore County Hospital District

Pharmacy operations can be complex. We can help simplify.

We are designed to help you and your unique culture. We aren’t a vendor, we are a partner who customizes services to fit your needs. And no matter large or small, we can help you optimize you pharmacy operations which in turn improves your entire hospital environment.