Pharmacy Leadership is Fundamental

Exceptional leadership in the hospital pharmacy is key to efficient operations. We are the recognized leaders in outstanding pharmacy management services and support.

The Leadership Design

CompleteRx collaborates with your hospital to establish the pharmacy leadership team that works for you. We can take care of your staffing requirements with talented, seasoned experts.

Transitional Leadership

We often place our own highly qualified transitional leadership when starting a new engagement to help stabilize the pharmacy as quickly as possible.

Active Recruiting

Then, we start recruiting for the open positions and training retained personnel. Filling open positions and providing staff stability can drive down costs significantly and improve employee satisfaction while elevating the quality of patient care.

National Talent Pool

CompleteRx is well respected in the marketplace and has an excellent reputation among pharmacists. Our licensed pharmacist database is one of the largest in the nation, giving us the capability of filling open leadership positions with the right candidate in a much shorter time period than our competitors.

Ongoing Support

We promote a culture of continuous learning and teamwork. As a result of our collaborative culture, your pharmacy leadership benefits from continuous CompleteRx support and resources to run the pharmacy more efficiently and effectively. Expertise is just a phone call away, on any pharmacy topic:

  • Information technology
  • Clinical protocols
  • Operational issues
  • Regulatory matters
  • Automation
  • Finance

CompleteRx invests significant resources to help pharmacists develop their leadership and management skills in addition to keeping current with prevailing clinical and operating performance standards.

We don’t stop at just developing the management team. We’re constantly empowering pharmacist skills by offering clinical training and other tailored courses that help them succeed in providing patient-centered, quality-focused pharmacy services.

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Our Pharmacy Leadership have complete support to take on issues from Operations to Finance to Talent Acquisition. Directors of Pharmacy are able to thrive in a collaborative environment working with CompleteRx team members and hospital staff.

$300,000 in Drug Cost Savings

Our impact cannot be overstated. The numbers alone tell a compelling story. Examples include:

  • A 60% decrease in opioid ADE
  • Nearly $300,000 in drug cost savings for two hospitals

“The Joint Commission Survey Team showed up at our door unannounced…According to the Survey Team, our Pharmacy was one of the best they had seen since surveying under the new Tracer Methodology. The CompleteRX pharmacy team wowed them with data, processes, and procedures that totally supported both safe and quality patient care.”

— CRx Client Hospital