Pervasive Consulting, Expertly Prescribed

Affecting everything from leadership roles to cost control, operations, accreditation and technology integration, we bring many years of experience and invaluable expertise to your hospital pharmacy world. We stimulate every aspect of a pharmacy’s circles, phases and finances.

Pharmacy Leadership

Leadership is elemental. And fundamental. In every flock, pack, pride, herd or hive there is a leader. It’s part of the natural order. The same is true in the hospital pharmacy.

Revenue and Cost

In the physical universe every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In financial terms: “everything comes at a cost.” We help hospital pharmacies contain costs and maximize revenue.


Through careful field study and the accumulation of much empirical evidence, we’ve developed best practices for hospital pharmacy operations and processes.

Quality and Safety

As robust as a hospital may be, any environment can break down. The failure of even one small system can have a ripple effect throughout the larger community that lasts for years.

Regulatory / Accreditation

Nature is full of unforeseen peril. Poorly designed or ineffective regulatory controls and processes devised with the best intentions can cripple hospitals that aren’t prepared for it.

Technology Integration

The way a species adapts and progresses in an ever-changing environment is an undeniable one-way, forward-moving force that cannot be stopped. Those that fail to evolve typically fade away.

Who We Serve

As the leading provider of innovative hospital pharmacy management solutions, CompleteRx specializes in pharmacy consulting, hospital pharmacy management and pharmacy operations.

“CompleteRx will definitely add value, economically and operationally, and increase patient, employee and physician satisfaction.”

— CRx Client Hospital

Best Practices for Hospital Pharmacy Management

CompleteRx has been optimizing hospital pharmacy environments since 1998. The range of different challenges and projects is varied, and a particular engagement typically requires a solution tailored to that specific pharmacy. But in many ways, each engagement yields new experience and new learnings so we continue to evolve our approach. We’ve developed benchmarks and best practices that help inform both our methods of analysis and the programs we implement. Your pharmacy and your hospital are the beneficiaries of this accumulated knowledge.