The Real Cost of Miscommunication in Healthcare

Healthcare is a multi-trillion-dollar per year industry, and the cost of misdirected or outdated communications in the industry reaches into the billions. With shrinking Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance payments pushing organizations into the red, healthcare administrators and CEOs need viable alternatives for cutting costs. Starting with how the three L’s—litigation, labor, and latency—there are […]

Going Beyond the Rx – Massachusetts State Office of Pharmacy Services

In this blog series, we feature pharmacy team members who go beyond the call of duty to provide the best possible care to patients and to serve their communities through contributions of time, expertise and passion for all things pharmacy. Today, we feature the CompleteRx project team working with the Massachusetts State Office of Pharmacy […]

News Recap: Healthcare Among Industries Most Vulnerable to Cyberattack

One of the latest topics in Healthcare industries is the vulnerability to cyberattacks. A recent article in Health Leaders Media outlines National Health Services being destroyed by this kind of cyberattack, and further reveals attacks predicted by AIG in its report. The article reveals The United Kingdom’s National Health Service was crippled this month in […]

Grow With CompleteRx: Victoria Nosowicz, CPhT

This year’s ASHP Midyear focuses on growing your pharmacy practice, network, knowledge and career through ASHP and we’ve launched a new blog series, “Grow with CompleteRx,” to feature our talented employees and highlights their growth, success and what they love about being a CompleteRx team member. As we continue to explore our team members’ unique journeys in […]

Webinar Recap: 5 Ways Your Pharmacy Can Boost Your Revenue Cycle

Hospitals continue to scrutinize their revenue cycle in today’s healthcare environment. As rising drug costs and decreased reimbursements contribute to shrinking margins, the hospital pharmacy is one place leaders should look to make a positive impact on revenues. In our recent webinar, CompleteRx pharmacy and informatics experts, Dana Fox, Program Development Manager, and Justin Sotomayor, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy Informatics, explored innovative tactics which hospital pharmacies can leverage to boost overall hospital revenue.

Grow With CompleteRx: Jay Shahani, RPhT

This week, we’re continuing the series with a feature on Jay Shahani, RPhT, Operations Specialist at CompleteRx. Jay has been with the CompleteRx team for over two years and travels across the U.S. supporting our pharmacy operations.

CompleteRx Company Update: August

Our Operations team wrapped up August with many published bylines and webinars in the books. This past month, Julie Rubin, Dana Fox and Justin Sotomayor published three articles and a recorded webinar in healthcare and pharmacy publications.

Rx Recap: How 5 Key Types of Technology Impact Hospital Pharmacies

Technology has impacted healthcare in a variety of ways and continues to change the way healthcare operates on a daily basis. Technology is often cited as a top concern of Hospital CEOs by ACHE and plays an important part in patient care and the continuum of care.

CompleteRx Company Update: May

Throughout the month of May we continued to gear up for our upcoming webinar, “How High Will They Go? Rising Drug Prices in a Changing Healthcare Environment.”

Pharmacy Informatics Update: CompleteRx Welcomes Justin Sotomayor, PharmD!

This week, the team is thrilled to welcome Justin Sotomayor, PharmD, to the role of Pharmacy Informatics Director – a new position at CompleteRx. His addition is timely, as since the passing of the Affordable Care Act, it has become increasingly clear that the health informatics trend is here to stay.