Case study: Pharmacy technician uses drug knowledge, experience, to help save patient’s life

CompleteRx pharmacy technician Marjorie Grant was working a normal shift in the ER pulling medication histories, when she got called to a patient’s bedside. The woman came into Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center in Alamogordo, NM, holding her head in pain, feeling nauseous and faint. A nurse indicated that the woman had her medications in […]

Drug Diversion: How to stop diversions in your hospital today

It’s a sad fact that our country continues to grapple with an opioid crisis and drug diversion remains a related, wide-spread side-effect of that crisis. In fact, experts estimate that 94% of diversion incidents involve opioids. An astounding 47.2 million doses were lost to healthcare employee misuse and theft in 2018, according to the 2019 […]

Preventing medication errors: A return to basic blocking and tackling

Recent high-profile events have once again revealed the vital role basic hospital processes and procedures play in reducing medication errors. While current discussions focus on neuromuscular blockers, all medications and their handling should be part of this conversation. It’s not enough to simply remove vecuronium from automated dispensing cabinets in all but the most essential […]

Patient Care Teams Working Together Can Solve America’s Opioid Crisis

Today it’s difficult to go more than a few days without hearing about the opioid epidemic and its devastating effects on U.S. communities. Afterall, an average of 115 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[1] Consider these statistics: From 2000 to 2009, the number of […]

Research calls for switch to balanced IVs from saline IVs

Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) recently released two landmark studies that showed patients long-term survival increased and kidney complications decreased when balanced fluids were used for hospital patients rather than traditional saline. The Vanderbilt team followed approximately 28,000 intensive care and emergency center patients for two years and determined that switching from saline […]

What You Can Do: Sterile Water for Injection Shortages

Backorders and shortages of sterile water for injections continue to plague every hospital’s staff, and likely will for the foreseeable future. In fact, the shortages have become so severe this winter that the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP), in conjunction with the University of Utah, published a series of best practices for how […]

Drug & Medical Supply Shortages Continue: What You Can Do

Hospitals across the U.S. continue to struggle with shortages of medications and medical supplies due to limited supplies coming out of hurricane-damaged manufacturing facilities in Puerto Rico. First, supplies of small saline IV bags, empty bags and plastic tubing are insufficient, forcing pharmacists to find alternate ways to dilute drugs before administering intravenous solutions. Now, […]

Going Beyond the Rx – Driscoll Children’s Hospital

In this blog series, we’re featuring pharmacy team members who go beyond their call of duty at the hospital to provide the best possible care to patients and serve their communities through contributions of time, expertise and passion for all things pharmacy. Today, we feature the entire pharmacy team at Driscoll Children’s Hospital. Jessy Varkey […]

Celebrating National Pharmacist Month and National Pharmacy Week 2017

For this year’s National Pharmacy Week and National Pharmacist Month, we all have much to reflect upon. The recent string of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria stretched hospital pharmacies to the limit across many states. There’s nothing like a combination of power outages, floods and high winds to stress test our people and our processes. […]

CompleteRx Company Update: September 2017

We deeply appreciate the concern and well wishes expressed by our clients and strategic partners during Hurricane Harvey.  CompleteRx’s business continuity plan allowed for uninterrupted operations throughout the storm and its aftermath.  We are incredibly proud of our employees, hospital partners and the entire Houston community. In an emergency and in day-to-day normal operations, it’s […]