Case study: Pharmacy technician uses drug knowledge, experience, to help save patient’s life

CompleteRx pharmacy technician Marjorie Grant was working a normal shift in the ER pulling medication histories, when she got called to a patient’s bedside. The woman came into Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center in Alamogordo, NM, holding her head in pain, feeling nauseous and faint. A nurse indicated that the woman had her medications in […]

Six ways to promote Pain Awareness Month

September is Pain Awareness Month (PAM). Its purpose is to create greater understanding among health care professionals, legislators, the business community, and families who are struggling with pain management that pain is a serious public health issue. Pharmacists are perfectly positioned to educate patients, caregivers and their fellow healthcare professionals on various treatment options for […]

6 tips to overcome barriers to effective patient counseling

Whether in a hospital setting or outpatient/retail setting, pharmacists are increasingly responsible for educating patients about their medications. The good news is that patient education offers many benefits to the patient and organization alike. It improves the chances a patient will have a positive experience with their medications and the hospital, improves adherence and outcomes, and […]

Three tips to help pharmacy boost HCAHPS scores

Every pharmacy can, and should, be an active participant in helping its hospital achieve higher HCAHPS scores. Historically, physicians and nurses were considered the primary players in raising a hospital’s HCAHPS scores, but data supports that pharmacy can contribute in three key areas of patient satisfaction. What’s more, Deloitte research shows that hospitals with a […]

Collaboration and communication: The role pharmacists play in nurse satisfaction

Everyone working in healthcare knows that the connection between nurses and pharmacists remains a key element of patient care. These same people know that while it’s true both groups share a common focus on delivering quality patient care, they approach their jobs from different perspectives. The problem is, a poor relationship between nursing and pharmacy […]

Patient Experience Week 2018: Resources for Your Hospital

In honor of Patient Experience Week 2018, we’re offering a few key resources to help improve the patient experience in your hospital or health system. The patient experience encompasses the entire range of interactions patients have with your system, from their doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff, to their physician’s office, their health plan and […]

Research calls for switch to balanced IVs from saline IVs

Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) recently released two landmark studies that showed patients long-term survival increased and kidney complications decreased when balanced fluids were used for hospital patients rather than traditional saline. The Vanderbilt team followed approximately 28,000 intensive care and emergency center patients for two years and determined that switching from saline […]

7 Benefits to Outsourcing Your Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital leaders sometimes avoid the idea of outsourcing their pharmacy for fear they’ll lose control of this important segment of their operation or alienate valued pharmacy staff. Often, pharmacy is the second largest cost center in a hospital’s operations, so the concern is understandable. It is vital hospitals optimize their pharmacy operations amid ever-changing regulations, […]

Antibiotics: Here’s What We Can Do to Preserve Their Power

The misuse of antibiotics in inpatient and outpatient settings creates a dangerous situation for all Americans. Already, approximately 2 million people in the U.S. become infected with bacteria resistant to all known antibiotic treatments and 23,000 of them die each year. Why are antibiotics failing us? Largely, it’s because of inappropriate or unnecessary use. More […]

Drug & Medical Supply Shortages Continue: What You Can Do

Hospitals across the U.S. continue to struggle with shortages of medications and medical supplies due to limited supplies coming out of hurricane-damaged manufacturing facilities in Puerto Rico. First, supplies of small saline IV bags, empty bags and plastic tubing are insufficient, forcing pharmacists to find alternate ways to dilute drugs before administering intravenous solutions. Now, […]