We Get Good Seeds and Help Them Grow

CompleteRx helps clients hire, develop and retain a skilled, well-trained, highly-motivated team, then gives them what they need to master their roles.

We Proactively Develop the Workforce

We are adept at assessing the attitude and skills of a potential recruit for any pharmacy management position. But that’s only the beginning. CompleteRx has standardized job descriptions and goals, succession planning, and technical and leadership training tied to the career ladder.

What’s more, our talented team has multiple state licenses and many years of experience in different settings and situations because we mentor and support each other to further develop our skills and our careers.

We have defined the skills needed to advance careers. We have also developed a course library, so employees can select and sign up for different interactive online training sessions tailored to CompleteRx situations. Technical skills development courses range from mandated competencies to customer service, while leadership training includes financial management, performance coaching and team development.

Nurture Your Inhabitants

Boost patient satisfaction
Improve doctor-nurse relations
Raise HCAHPS scores