Purposefully Designed, Occurring Naturally

The unique CompleteRx culture was shaped by a strong value system of collaboration, caring and respect, forged by our Team Covenant and focused on providing premium patient care.

We Nurture an Interactive Culture

Just as we build close relationships within our own company, we forge beneficial relationships between the pharmacy, doctors, nurses and patients. It dramatically impacts patient care.

Our Team Covenant

People want to work for CompleteRx. They want to stay and be part of our team. Our Team Covenant employee pact is a golden-rule commitment that directs how we work with each other, our hospital clients and our patients.

As part of our team development strategy, the Team Covenant incorporates 360-degree assessments and goals for all employees. Everyone who works with a team member on a continual basis – coworkers and managers, as well as hospital administrators – evaluates that individual’s interrelationship skills. In fact, half of the employee’s annual performance review score represents how well this person exhibits Team Covenant behavior.

No matter where people are working, they feel part of a bigger team, a family. Our people know they can call on others throughout our organization for help and guidance. We promote that camaraderie by bringing in managers and directors on a regular basis for training and relationship building.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employees also evaluate CompleteRx in an annual satisfaction survey, rating the company’s benefits, management communication and many other categories. Scores are compared year over year so improvements can be made where necessary.

Our ideal new hire is not someone who’s just looking for a job. We look for people who fit our culture. People who want be part of something larger, and be excited about their environment and what they are helping us accomplish.

People who want to live pharmacy.

Why Work for CompleteRx

At CompleteRx, we seek professionals who see differently, who find opportunity where others don’t, who look within themselves and know that with the right support and team they can impact healthcare.

Employee Testimonial

“At CompleteRx, I don’t have to fit a mold–individuality is encouraged and so important to what we do everyday.”

— CompleteRx Employee