340 B Services

Our services are designed to equip you with tools to reduce complexity, overcome pain points and strengthen confidence in the maintenance of an optimized and audit-ready 340B program.

We specialize in staff training, external 340B audits, evaluation, consulting, HRSA audit preparation, manufacturer audits, and developing corrective action plans.

Our goal is to provide experienced, reliable support that enables you to expand your resources, improve outcomes, and augment the value and integrity of your 340B program. We focus on compliance so you can focus on what matters most – delivering compassionate care to your community.


The ability to navigate complex and evolving guidelines is the key to protecting critically-important program savings. The CompleteRx 340B audit provides a comprehensive and clear picture of the health of your facility’s program. Our 340B program includes:

  • Annual on-site external HRSA audit
  • On-site support from 340B experts
  • Policy and procedure manual
  • Interpretation of guidance from HRSA
  • Specialized compliance program
  • Corrective action plans
  • Compliance training and self audit plan


Our team and reporting capabilities support your efforts to optimize compliant 340B capture. Our review and analysis includes:

  • Advanced purchase and utilization analysis
  • 340B procurement, billing and dispensation practices
  • Technology administration management
  • Validation of CDM, formulary and cross walks
  • Policy, procedure and program refinement
  • Medicare cost report


Our experience extends beyond consulting to fully managing client hospitals’ 340B programs, giving our team unique depth and perspective when analyzing the risk-benefit of expanding a covered entity’s 340B program. Our thorough analysis includes:

  • Parent and child sites
  • Pharmacy expansion including hospital-owned outpatient, retail, mail order
  • Contract pharmacy including specialty